What You Need To Know

The world is based on 5 simple facts that everyone lives by

1. Anything Alive Is Gold

Every single thing that has made a stand on this planet has a value. Natural animals and monster that have not yet mutated all have something to give a person – be it food, be it a pelt, be it death

2. If You Kill a Plant – A Druid Kills You

If an animal is compared to gold, then a plant is worth your life. What the Old Druids left us with are closely guarded by the forests' Druid Tribes and the Sorcerer-Kings that rule over them – and anyone is willing to keep that safe.

3. Don't Ask For Mercy – That's The Name of a Sword

What did you think mercy was here? You walking away from the combat situation you just got yourself into because you killed someone's plant? That's that what mercy is anymore since the last chance of peace anyone gets here is a swift death

4. Don't Ever Trust Someone

I don't care if they said they are one of the remaining Druids from the old world. I don't care if they say they are one of the remaining believers of the old gods. I don't care if they gave you food while you are starving – if you get in someone's way they will kill you.

 5. Enter The Glowing Caves Alone and You're Dead

Trust me, the nursery rhymes never told you of the dangers there. Because there might not be sentient creatures down there anymore, but you don't need to be sentient to smash.

Many people like to say that these don't apply to them, or that they haven't faced the consequences from breaking one of the there. Follow number 4 and don't trust them. And you might as well be nice and put them out of their misery now because either a druid is after their ass, or your that druid and it's your job. 

What You Need To Know

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