Ruler: King Vuras




Kanra is the coastal Forest controlled by the Druid Tribe of the Sequoias, ruled by King Vuras. The homes in this area are often Built into the trees themselves, either by hollowing out portions, conditioning them to grow in certain areas, or simply making sprawling tree houses. King Vuras is a cruel king and is currently trying to war to take over Feuls. Many of the other forests are not happy about this since his original plan was to burn it down and rebuild. It's about 15 miles across, but it has the largest height of the Forests.

Kanra's people are hardworking folk, learning how to draw water and bend trees in their forest. The druid tribe that calls this area home are calm in nature and are the oldest apart from the druids of Dquesis. They have a strong connection to their trees, often merging ith them at some point in their time to prolong their time and wisdom. Taverns aren't as rare as they are in Feuls, but they are still uncommon and are often on the edge of the woods. Small farms can be found in the trees that grow small potatoes and carrots. Most of their food come from the larger stags and bears or the imports from Hakratin.


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