What you got yourself into…

In what has been referred as the green age, life flourished. It was a world still tormented by ancient gods and rampaging demons that transcended civilization , but it was still a better place than this. 

We no longer live in that age, instead most of us have been born in the Buried age. This land is a land full of daemons, Sorcerer-Kings, and monsters that have made it their life's goal to destroy what is left of the civilization. The forests that once covered the world are now mere fragments of what was left, granted to us by the old Druid Tribes. And whatever technology we were able to hold onto is barely keeping us alive. 

You, as chosen few are, travel to the ancient worlds ruins and try to discover remnants of ancient technology to further each Sorcerer-King's hold on the forests. Man have died on these travels, and you are likely no exception. Are you willing to take on such a task?

The Shadows Cast is a post-apocalyptic Dungeons and Dragons designed to test your players in a grueling world with life-shattering decisions. Where any plant life is considered sacred, and everyone wants where own piece of the Green Age. 

The Shadows Cast

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